We also offer consultation services on client projects. Consultations are also available for those companies not actively engaging in our coaching services. Services are quoted based on the scope and time requirements of the project.


The goal of this particular tool is to develop a more productive working environment through mutual understanding and support. Common occurrences prompting Teamwork Effectiveness Coaching include rapid growth at a company, “SILO” department interaction, negative interactions between functions in day-to-day operations and new leadership at the executive or departmental level. Standardized evaluation programs are utilized to establish a “ground floor” to learn individually and share within the group. As with all areas of coaching, action steps with accountability are set at every meeting. Action steps are incremental with the ultimate goal of creating a highly desirable and effective workplace.

Meetings are held monthly with your coach for a four-hour or eight-hour session (dependent on the size of the group). Monthly 30-minute meetings with individual group members will also be held. Binders are set up for each individual team member to ensure that progress is being made and also as an accountability tool to ensure that your objectives are being met.

We provide strategic planning sessions at whatever location you’re most comfortable with. Strategy development, prioritization and implementation of schedules are all a part of the sessions – participants are invited by management. Open and active discussions in a “safe” environment are encouraged to explore options available to the company. Our coaches have the experience and knowledge to make this process as effective and efficient as possible. If performed in a local setting, four weekly sessions of six to eight hours each are required. Off-site retreats will need an estimate of two to four days, depending on the size of the company.


We organize sessions (primarily off-site) with the key people in your organization to take an in-depth look at the topics to move your company forward. Typical areas of focus are strategic planning, leadership training, growth initiatives, annual business planning, succession planning and change management.

In addition to creating clear direction for your corporate plans, companies also experience increased camaraderie within their team coupled with a deeper understanding of the company’s vision – a powerful combination which will serve to drive the team to reach the company’s goals.

Smiley face    EXIT PLANNING

Whether selling to family, employees or outside buyers, all business owners must prepare for the eventual transfer or sale of their company. A complete plan includes a team of professionals to advise on Personal, Business and Financial goals. The plan should detail long term objectives while providing contingency planning and risk mitigation in the near term.

Committing to an Exit Plan is a thoughtful and emotional process. Often, owners are reluctant to specify their wishes and commit to a written plan as a result of the feelings associated with leaving the business. Failure to engage in a planning process, however, can leave the company wide open to many risks – especially in the event of an unforeseen event such as a medical condition. The vast majority of business owners (over nine in ten) agree that having an exit strategy is important for their future as well as the future of their business. However, just shy of nine in ten owners do not have a written, up-to-date exit plan according to a 2008 study conducted by CMI Research.

We, at The Executive Influence, are trained and experienced in the process and issues involved with Exit Planning. We have put together strategic teams of professionals to answer the needs of owners as they progress through the Exit Planning process.

To learn more about Exit Planning and begin the conversation about your company, contact The Executive Influence – the initial session is free of charge.

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