At The Executive Influence we work with business owners and leaders who have been successful, but have reached a critical point. Remember that even the best athletes in the World at their peak need coaches to continue to improve. As business coaches we help in two areas: business effectiveness and executive (personal) effectiveness. First, we help business owners and leaders who don’t know what to do next in a particular area of his or her business. We call this “business effectiveness.” All areas of business effectiveness fall into the broader categories of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, Leadership Development, Systems Implementation, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Exit Planning, and Succession Planning.

The second distinct area where our business coaches convene is when the client knows what he or she should be doing, but isn’t doing it – or, when the client is knowingly doing something he or she should not be doing but continues to do it anyway. This is what we call “executive or personal effectiveness.” Executive effectiveness starts with knowing yourself and knowing your own personal vision and goals.

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Certified Professional Business Coach through the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA)


Discuss your specific business goals and current obstacles, and devise an action plan that will include goals to be accomplished to ensure lasting success.


This is a highly structured program where we work closely with business owners/operators to take a focused review on the major operating areas of their company.


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Working with The Executive Influence can result in higher profits, better cash flow, and a happier workplace, which in turn leads to a healthy, productive, and fulfilling lifestyle.

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