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You and your coach will meet at a designated day and time for one to one and a half hours. The frequency of the meetings depends on the coaching plan you select. You’ll discuss your specific business goals and current obstacles, and devise an action plan that will include goals to be accomplished for your next week’s meeting. All one-on-one coaching programs include the Business Breakthrough Evaluation, DISC behavioral profile, and Industry Financial Benchmarking. Telephone/e-mail coaching support are also provided as needed. Your coach will also periodically have action steps to take on your behalf. After each session, your coach will email you an attachment containing the meeting notes and action steps.

You and your coach will each have access to a binder with notes from your weekly meetings to ensure you’re moving in the right direction, as well as for accountability. This is to make sure your weekly objectives are being met. Along with your personal set of notes, you will have 24/7 email and phone support from your coach.


Through a combination of standardized reviews and the interests of you, the participant, we work to understand your needs and focus on skills so that you can reach your goals in an efficient and timely manner. Along with our guidance, weekly meetings are held in the first month of coaching and monthly thereafter.


Monthly sessions within a group setting and individually with each member of the group are provided through the program. The most common and applicable business issues are explored over an 8-month period. Owners and executives share examples and develop specific action plans to act on in areas such as growing profitability, building a management team or improving work/home life balance. Group meetings last approximately three hours while the individual monthly coaching sessions are for one to one and a half hours. You will also have 24/7 email and phone support. We are sensitive to competitive issues and will not knowingly schedule group sessions with companies in the same industry; confidentiality is strictly observed.

During the program, the group participants and the coach will each maintain a binder specific to the program to ensure that progress is being made and also as an accountability tool to ensure your objectives are met.


This is a highly structured program where we work closely with business owners/operators to take a focused review on the major operating areas of their company, (e.g., sales and financial management). After the evaluation is completed, an operational review session is held to analyze the results and to begin identifying action plan items. Finally, a “90 Day Action Plan” is prioritized and initiated.


Succession Planning is a vital undertaking for the sustainability of the company and is one of many programs that The Executive Influence offers. Participants meet as often as necessary and programs are completely customized to the individual client’s needs.

Executed properly, Succession Planning provides a smooth transition in ownership, management and supervision.  The steps expand the perspective of the individuals selected and sensitize them to current and upcoming issues facing the firm. Current and past participants have experienced lower risk, higher overall company value, and even benefits such as retaining key employees.

Don’t leave the future of your company, employees and family members to chance –start a Succession Plan program with The Executive Influence.

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One-on-one Coaching Programs:

Standard Package

Per MonthThree 60-90 minute sessions/month + unlimited email and phone support.

Economy Package

Per MonthBi-weekly sessions (60-75 minutes) + unlimited email and phone support.

Mastermind Coaching Options:

Mastermind Coaching Plus:

Additional coaching sessions are added on request. Please review this option with your coach for pricing.

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